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I am currently a small one-man show, existing solely for the purpose of Bass players whose desire it is to have something custom designed and built.

Presently I do not offer a standard model or body shape - each Instrument is a unique one off. This is very time consuming, but each player is different and therefore each has a different requirement.  If you always dreamt of a special Bass, built just for you, and your specs only, then you may want to contact me. I will work with you to arrive at the instrument your heart desires!

I will also need to ask for your patience as I am indeed a one man show. Please give me a call or contact me.
It's a juggling act between computer time and workshop time, but I usually answer most inquiries within 24 hours.

Thanks for stopping by!

Delano Pickup Systems

I am proud to to be the Australian distributor for this superb Bass pick up range.
Please visit the Delano to view these outstanding pickups. I will endeavour to stock the full range available, of course the ever popular P and J bass ranges ma have the shortest delivery times.

Feel free to contact me anytime for availability and competitive pricing.

Note: OEM manufacturers and dealer inquiries welcome.
Also please check out the range of Delano EQ's and pre-amps. These are amongst the finest available.

Delano pick-ups are offered as standard equipment on all my basses; from the standard 4-string to the massive extendeded range Basses (ERB's)

12 String (octave) and 8 String (octave) are also catered for.

Delano Pickup


As if Delano pickups weren't enough to blow your mind-the quality of this hardware is unparalleled. We are also the people to call when you want a bridge that has no match!
ETS Hardware is now available in Australia!. I carry a limited range of stock as they are generally made to order. Check out the range of finishes, styles and models at ETS-Hardware.
Perhaps you have a custom bridge in mind? A simple drawing is all that is needed (along with some basic specs) to get your full custom bridge manufactured! Get in touch with me and we can discuss your requirements

Note: OEM manufacturers and dealer inquiries welcome.

ETS Hardware

Clover Basses

Konig BassworX is the exclusive Australian distributors for Clover Basses. Clover, whilst being relatively unknown in Australia, is a well established and highly respected manufacturer of top level Bass Guitars. In fact they are one of the 'major' players of the European music industry and have been established for well over 20 years.

So why haven't you heard of Clover before?? You probably already have, but were unaware of their use by many artists in countless recordings.

Please check out www.cloverbasses.com for more information.

Clover Bass 2 Colver Bass 1 Clover Bass 3

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